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18 Essential LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job-Seekers

18 Essential LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job-Seekers
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18 Essential LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job-Seekers

There’s no doubt about the fact that LinkedIn is still the greatest platform for Job-Seekers even in 2022. Every job seeker’s first step towards finding a job these days is to make a LinkedIn profile and optimize it using LinkedIn profile tips so recruiters can find their profile easily.

Recent reports show that about 87% to 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn regularly and prefer it over conventional methods of searching potential candidates. Thanks to this partiality of recruiters, four people get hired on LinkedIn every sixty seconds which is just amazing.  

No wonder LinkedIn’s user base has steadily increased over the years and stands on solid 722 million now. All these stats just prove that if you’re looking for a job, then there’s no other platform you would want to be on other than LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn is the only platform that:

  • Assists job seekers in landing a job without them running after companies. They can just wait for recruiters to contact them or job proposals to arrive in their inbox.
  • Helps job seekers expand their professional circle and connect with highly experienced professionals of their niche.

That’s why you better have a great LinkedIn profile before you start your quest for job search. Now, if you’re having trouble getting job offers despite having a LinkedIn profile, then it’s time you focus on its optimization. Fortunately, today’s article is all about LinkedIn tips that you can use to optimize your profile, so read them with utmost focus and apply them earnestly if you want to get tons of job offers.

LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job-Seekers

Complete Your Profile First

The first and most important step towards optimizing a LinkedIn profile is to fill in all the information. Don’t just fill in the basic fields and leave it at that. Make sure you’ve covered them all because only then, your profile will be able to appear in front of recruiters.

Here are some important points that you need to consider while completing your LinkedIn profile. Follow them, and your profile will look much better than before.

Pick the Right Profile and Cover Photo

Your profile and cover photo are crucial for that first good impression. So, look for the most sophisticated pictures of yourself to upload on LinkedIn or hire a photographer to get a professional headshot. This will make your profile look professional and ideal for recruiters.

Create a Unique Profile URL

Don’t stick to the random profile URL that LinkedIn allocates you; instead, make a unique profile URL that is clean and easy to read. You can do that by clicking on the “Edit public profile & URL” option on your profile page.

Experts recommend that you should structure your profile URL like [First name – Last Name]. This will make it easier for a recruiter to remember your name just by looking at your profile once, and thus you’ll have more chances of landing a job.

Start with a Catchy Headline

Recruiters love to read catchy and attractive headlines on top of LinkedIn profiles. Why? because they often judge a person’s creativity and tenacity through that headline. That’s why you should invest time in coming up with a catchy headline that can mesmerize a recruiter.

Fill in that Skills Section

You can add up to 50 skills in your LinkedIn profile so don’t be stingy add as many relevant skills as you can. Make sure to add your passive skills too as they play an important role as well. This will boost your profile’s searchability, and recruiters will be able to find your profile easily.

Accomplishments Section

Filling in your accomplishments section is very important to give recruiters an insight into your career. Add all the courses you’ve taken and mention all your test scores too to flex your accomplishments.

You should also add organizations you’ve worked in and the projects you handled. Just make sure that when you add organizations, you fill in the job descriptions right and give accurate information about the projects too.

To make your accomplishments more prominent, you should try adding the statistical data to make it look more legit. Also, make sure that while you’re filling up your accomplishments section, you don’t:

  • Make any typing mistakes
  • Use buzz words
  • Write the description in the third person
  • Come up with false organizations or projects

Steer clear of these mistakes, and you’ll have an accomplishments section so tempting that would make recruiters come after you immediately.

Set Open to New Opportunities

Once you’ve taken care of all the mentioned points, it’s time that you change your profile’s status and set it to “open to new opportunities.” This status is like a signal which tells recruiters whether you’re interested in taking a new job or not, so adjust this status accordingly.

Make a Summary that Gets Noticed

LinkedIn profile summary is where you define your passions, capabilities, and all the reasons why you’re an excellent professional. Stats show that an average recruiter goes through about 50 to 100 LinkedIn profiles daily, and mostly they just read summaries to save time.

That’s why you must focus on creating an attractive and informative summary. Start with your experience in the industry and then mention relevant skills so a recruiter can know all about you by just throwing a glance.

Write about three to five paragraphs but keep them clear and concise, so they are easy to read. Also, structure your paragraphs according to information and use bullet points to highlight your skills or number of projects. A good profile summary is an important factor that can decide whether you’ll get a job or not, so make sure you spend enough time and write a perfect summary.

Improve Your Experience Section

The experience section is one of the most important parts of your profile as recruiters judge your qualification for a job after reading your experience. It means that having a well-organized and well-described experience section is essential to get new opportunities.

Add all your previous experiences at different organizations but only those relevant to your career (don’t add the side jobs). Also, add details like responsibilities, accomplishments, number of projects completed, number of people you supervised, etc. All this information will help recruiters judge your compatibility for a job and come to a decision regarding whether to send you a job offer or not.

Know Your Audience and Use Keywords

If you want your profile to be discovered by the recruiters of your niche, then you should embed a couple of keywords in it. Whether it is work experience, profile headline, summary, or even skills section, you can add these keywords anywhere.

For example, if you’re a JavaScript developer, then add keywords that are relevant to it. This will assist the LinkedIn algorithm in placing your profile in that specific category, and it will make sure that your profile appears in search results against those keywords.

That’s why you should search for appropriate keywords relevant to the type of job you’re looking for and add them to your profile. It will improve your chances of getting discovered by recruiters and getting a job.

Display Your Work

If you got the chance to work on a couple of unique and fantastic projects during your career, then it’s time you show off and use them to land new opportunities.  Add them to your LinkedIn profile and provide as much details as you can about them.

You can use your accomplishments section to add your projects. Write about your part in the project and how effectively you performed your job. Flexing your work will improve your value in a recruiter’s eyes and it might convince them to contact you and send a job proposal.

Include Licenses and Certifications

Have a couple of licenses or certifications? Well, then add them to your LinkedIn profile and flex. Simply go to the profile page, and in the add profile option, select “Licenses and certifications.” This will give you a whole section to add as many certifications as you want. But remember to add only relevant licenses or certifications, or it can distract a recruiter, and he might skip the whole section, so mind this.

Buy LinkedIn Recommendations

Getting recommendations is an excellent way to get validation from your seniors and impress recruiters. Having a lot of recommendations on your profile means that you’re an expert at what you do and have amazing professional values.

That’s why having enough recommendations on your LinkedIn profile is necessary. Now, if you are new to LinkedIn and have a limited professional circle, then don’t worry, because you can buy LinkedIn recommendations from Media Mister without going through any trouble.

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All the professionals who took Media mister’s assistance in getting LinkedIn recommendations are fully satisfied with their service and recommend them to their peers.

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Add Some Interests

Skills and Experience define you as a professional, but your interests define you as a person. That’s why you should add some of your interests to your LinkedIn profile to give it a more personal touch.

Now, there’s no restriction on adding interests, but it’s better to add those that are relevant to your role. It leaves a nice impression on recruiters when your role and interests are aligned, so make sure to add relevant interests as well.

Be Relevant

Being relevant means that your LinkedIn profile should match the job roles you’re looking forward to work in. Your previous experiences should be oriented in a way that can make a recruiter think that you’re the perfect candidate for the role they are offering.

Here are a couple of things you can do to keep your profile relevant:

  • Keep your summary concise and focus only on skills and experience to save the recruiter’s time. Avoid using buzz words like highly professional or Problem solver etc. as they are too cliché.
  • Add only relevant job experiences and add as much detail as you can to give recruiter a better insight into your responsibilities and achievements in that role.
  • Add maximum skills to the profile but try not to add your half-baked skills in which you’re not very proficient.
  • Make sure that everything you mention on your LinkedIn profile is accurate and real. Any dishonesty in your description, experience or skills can affect you badly in future.

Remember that these factors can affect your chances of getting hired so take them seriously.

Be Active

Staying active and searching for potential opportunities can improve your profile’s rank. When you remain active on LinkedIn for most of the day, your profile gets more chances of appearing on a recruiter’s radar, so try to spend as much time as you can on LinkedIn. You can interact with your peers, search for jobs, read articles and expand your professional circle while you’re active, which can help you even more in the longer run.

Build Network

Having a vast professional network on LinkedIn is very important to be recognized in professional circles and get recommendations and endorsements. Connecting with people of your niche will expand your profile’s searchability, and it will be visible to more new people.

Now, some of those people will definitely be recruiters who will see your profile and wouldn’t be able to help themselves but go through your profile and send you a job offer later. That’s why try to connect with as many people as you can to get your profile noticed.

Use “Find Nearby” Feature

“Find Nearby” is an exciting feature that if enabled, shows you professionals in your vicinity. Thanks to this feature, you’ll be able to form meaningful professional relations with professionals around, which can help you later on lots of different fronts.

 All you have to do is open your LinkedIn application, press the connect button and then select the Find Nearby option. Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on before you use this feature.

To give your work experience an extra touch of detail, make sure to add links and media relevant to the role. You can add the URLs of your live projects and can also add pictures or videos relevant to them. Adding these details will give the recruiter a deeper insight into your professional career, and they might send you a job offer after viewing your achievements.

Make Sure Your Resume and LinkedIn Match

This heading can be summarized in just one word, and that is “Honesty.” You need to ensure that you don’t exaggerate your qualifications or experience and state what’s true, whether it is on your resume or LinkedIn.

If you are dishonest on your resume or add a couple of extra things to your LinkedIn profile, then people might not notice it right away, but it will harm you in the longer run. So, be honest and make sure your resume and LinkedIn profile details match.

Request Connections

Expanding professional network is important on LinkedIn, and the best way to do that is by requesting connections. Send as many connection requests as you can to people who come up in your suggestions. Sending connection requests won’t just expand your network; it will also expose your profile to a new audience which boosts your chances of getting contacted by recruiters. 

Join LinkedIn Groups

Joining LinkedIn groups is a great way to meet new people and get your name out there in the market. It can also help you explore new opportunities after you strike conversations with some group members with the same niche as yours. But don’t just join random groups while you’re at it. Only join groups relevant to your field so you can find opportunities that interest you.

Start Posting

After you’re done with the optimization of your profile, it’s time to start posting. Try and create innovative and authentic content regarding your niche to attract the audience. When people watch your content, they interact with it by giving it like or sharing it with their friends.

This interaction is taken positively by the LinkedIn algorithm, and it will start recommending your profile to people of your niche and recruiters. That being so, try to take some time out of your busy schedule and post something on LinkedIn regularly to get discovered by people.

Update Your Profile Regularly

You can’t just leave your LinkedIn profile after you’re done adding all the details. You must update it regularly and share all your new achievements, experiences, and skill (if you have learnt any.) This keeps your profile from dying out and keeps it on the radar of recruiters.


These are the times when the market is full of talented people, and the competition for getting a job is cutthroat, which makes it more important to have an excellent LinkedIn profile. We hope you liked the tips we presented, and you will use them to land your dream job.

Remember to stay positive and keep following these LinkedIn profile tips in order to turn your profile into a job offers attracting machine. If you have questions about this article, then ask them in comments section or contact us on our social media channels to get an answer.

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